Saturday 29 October 2022

Saturday Live

 I have been trying to decide how to balance my safety with water and air temperatures. I am not so concerned about Sea-Doos now that the locks are closed and the only boats out are rowers, the duck hunters, the fishermen, and the crazy kayakers. Today the water temp was 11.8°C but I don't know at what depth - say 1m? The air temp was 10°C on the balcony and 14°C on the weathernet. It was warmer in the sunshine than in the shade. Winds were light, the lake like a mirror usually. With few exceptions I was close to shore.

Here are some impressions from 2hours, 5Km and 56 photos:

There was some wildlife:

Paddling back I had some objects back lit:

                                This is the bow "wave" from the kayak.

The Moon:

The Kayak:

In the other direction, the lawn north of the condo:

How many more days of Thanksgiving and Remembrance?

WOB of the Orange shirt

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