Thursday 27 October 2022

On Tuesday Bill puddled in the Beer?

 Well, not exactly, but close - actually not because I did not drink any beer on Tuesday. I did however, take my camera around to Leacock's Brewery Bay. It was a rather dull day but still mild and calm and I was curious as to what I might see - like his boathouse:

The first two photos have the boat house on the other side of the peninsula/drumlin. Then just the railing, the part for the whole as it were. The last 2 are "obvious". 

In among these photos I had the feeling I was being "watched". And I was:

Kayaks and canoes are great for getting my camera at eye level with my subject - where cracking of joints and aching knees would have frightened every living thing, especially myself!

Still, this was not the only bird watching the wise old - I was so surprised by this sighting:

I thought all the Osprey had flown away. It was not watching the Heron - it had another spot in mind - among deck chairs on docks.

By the end I thought I had made the heron nervous and so I said good bye to it, back off, and returned across the Bay.

And home:

Why would I leave?



  1. Your posts this past week have been very good, but particularly for this day -- I appreciated the gentle flow of thoughts and very good pictures. What a great autumn it has been for colourful scenes and I'm glad you've been out there enjoying it. It's so good for one's soul, isn't it?!

  2. Yes, indeed; very good for the soul. And the kayak saves shoe leather/sole , too !