Wednesday 26 October 2022

On Monday Bill paddled West, young man!

 Am I forcing my luck? A second perfect day with a very light warm breeze from the South. I thought I would go for it and paddle toward Mariposa. It appears that parking spots are in short supply:

And I felt I was not alone with this thought:

Mariposa is nestled between moraines and Lake Couchiching:

On my return I passed this Nine-hole golf course:

Yes, Tom, there are homes on either side of the fairway.

It has an elevated tee at  the crest of the hill - I don't know where it is relative to the tree. Does one aim for it? Although the distance tea to green is short, like the old 18th at Aurora, one would get a lot of exercise walking between holes - right back up the hill!

You see it is only a 9-hole course with some of the white flag pins visible. I don't know the course rules about being on the rocks or against the fence or out of bounds. I did see one golf ball in a meter of water - yes, that is right, we measure our water usage with meters - about 20m off shore - maybe the golfer looked up?

A little further on I came across this haunting tree:

And then, as at the end of many a game of golf, a visit to Brewery Bay;

The colours have been brilliant and have lasted so long.

When will this Heron fly South?

And before I knew it I was back home:


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