Thursday 2 April 2015

Montreal Orchids - black-out

Our friends think I need some cultural enlightenment, probably rightly so. So Vicki and I were taken to the Montreal Orchid Show on Sunday morning for a most interesting occasion - I do not want to use the word time because it did not exist for me for a 2+ hour time warp (how to stay young!). We met  a friend of our hosts, Diana, photographs orchids so Vicki was in her element - Vicki has 3 links from sherwoodonline to
her orchid photographs from Crete, Eifel, and Ontario - and a link to this blog as well.

Here are some of my images:

Vicki does not like it when I cut off people's heads so I guess there are some unsensored images to be explained!

And no, I do not know their names or pedigrees. And it might not interest you to know that I do not know the names of more than a couple of stars and no movies!  wob

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