Wednesday 22 April 2015

Wednesday's Child

My friend Michael wrote to me this morning from Darmstadt saying that it was close to 20 deg C - that is two zero - and I thought that that was close to our temperature as well: TWO deg C as in at least it was +2 deg C! (Zero is insignificant except as a placeholder! and so 2, 20 what is the diff when both are positive and wind  chill is not a factor when inside?)

And for Susan, it snowed on me, a real blizzard, complete with photo:

There is actually a photo there, above this line (IMGP0070.JPG) . I dare you to do a "mouse-over" or click on it.

Actually, it was an interesting 4 or so hours. There was one spot of snow on the terrace at 9:30am; it is now gone. The temp was 6deg C. We drove to Toronto where the temp was 12 deg C and actually bright, but
not really sunny - I never had to put on the sunglasses. On the way home - at 12 noon - we encountered
rain and hail at 6 deg C. At Barrie, there was a dusting of snow on the ground and then the white-out and the
rest has been said. I think I am over my winter withdrawal symptoms - still another 4 weeks until May 24th when it also has snowed on me.


PS Tonight the terrace is a lovely clean white again with several cm of S N O W !!! 

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