Monday 13 April 2015

Sunday Part I. A view from my balcony as I was drinking coffee!

Yes, this is part I written after part II had been safely (?) posted.
I was out in my shorts - I said I would spare you - because it was a very warm 10C in the shade which meant that it was also sunny. Astronomers are like that.


had this view. (Split infinitives?) Anyway: straight out, to the right zoomed, and then repeat to the northish.
Then I saw this crazy black bird do a belly flop into the water. When it rose up I realized that it was a kingfisher - they are back! A few minutes later it reappeared on a branch in our willow, so I went off to get my camera. Of course it was gone when I returned. However, I selected manual focus and preset to the distance of the willow tree and waited. I did not expect this:
This is from the best shot, cropped. And so once again I have saved you from yet more impressions. wob

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