Monday 13 April 2015

Sunday Part II Afternoon walk to Leacock and back

OK, one ought to do part II second but I want you to be able to scroll along chronologically.. So here
is "now" Sunday afternoon. The Leacock estate ajoins our property. If I walk with dry feet I have to go
along the road. I'll spare you that. The following made impressions on me:

I do not know if they would have attacked me but we were going in opposite directions sooooo ...!

(An aside for my friend, Hagi: if you want to impress your Canadian colleagues start quotingStephen Leacock's "Sunshine Sketches of A Small Town" - Orillia, and he lived here; he write some of his stories in this boat house. It has since been moved to this spot and rennovated. Hummmm ?)

I actually went to this spot deliberately to see if the crayfish had turned "blue" - not yet but maybe in a week or so:

The ice had broken up under the boathouse but a few meters away it looked like this:

It is a blog like this that should make everyone thank Jens for keeping their mailboxes this free of spam!
The ducks took to the water like

And now for view toward "home" from Leacock's arbour in front of his house:

That was the west and south facade. We live on the "other side" where the snow is:

I took some more photos - spare me! wob (I did, honestly!)

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