Wednesday 8 April 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

It rained today. just barely above freezing but no black ice. Still it was a day of poor visibility and you can just imagine a white screen of low cloud rain and ice on the lake.

So your imagination isn't so good.

OK, here are some impressions from Tuesday when the skies were not cloudy all day.
Looking north-east wide-angle:

Looking North toward the Leacock peninsula where Kingfishers nest - they have not been sighted yet.

 Looking north of east toward Tudhope Park where there are 2 baseball diamonds, an osprey nest, and a spawning ground, I think for suckers.
And finally zooming in toward Horseshoe Island the long blue shadows over the frozen lake:
Looks like winter is slowly wrapping up. I know it will soon be gone but it has been short, not too cold and I did get out on both skiis and snowshoes. wob

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