Tuesday 20 October 2015

A couple of days in the life of a migratory old bird

I intended to do a diary entry but ...

here is at least a start!

Mon Oct 5: Edmonton Alberta
Met Alan Stern at the MPIfr some 10+ years ago.

Tue Oct 6 Renolds Museum near Millet Al
for the homesick!

Wed Oct 7. This day had so many many highlights, difficult to choose one for a starter but how is this?

The competition?
Solar prominences, flying squirrel, aurora! and other events that would have been shown if they had only been alone.

Thur Oct 8 Another superlative

That is all I had time for on PSP. I took over 2000 photos in 14 days, over 3400 since Sep 9 - so be careful in what you wish!



  1. Stunningly beautiful! What a photo experience.

  2. And the personal experience was so many factors of a million better - those experiences made the photo experiences possible.