Sunday 25 October 2015

Prologue: comparing old photographs with new ones.

A long time ago, probably early 1980s I found a book on "Rom", a "Bilderhefte des 19. Jahrhunderts aus dem Archiv Alimari"  Originally edited in Italian by Vladimiro Settimelli, the German edition was by Gerhild Hüber.. There is no date when either edition was published, a little unusual.

Now Vicki and I spent 2 months in 1968 in and near Rome and thoroughly enjoyed the ancient amidst the new. I was back for two more months in 1969 when, with my brother, I walked many old by-ways. So whenever I found this book it was an inspiration and challenge to me to take our family back to Italy in 1988 to try and rediscover these places and rephotograph the scenes more than a century later.

The setting so set.  Vicki found the following book at a German Christmas market about that time, end of the 1980s, beginning of the '90s but before 1993.
And in 1993 we went west and I tried to find where Wm Notman and son had stood to take the photos I found so interesting, especially the ones containing glaciers. I had some success but the images are still analogue - I'll try to find them and digitize them "later". I took more photos in 1999, but again, still on film. So there was still the challenge to try to get some of the scenes on DSLR, this visit to Doug and Joan. (And to give them a break!)

While the 4 of us were at the Reynolds Museum, I noted one old time car at a Lake that I had seen in a previous visit and was on my list for Thur Oct 8, 2015:

That was dated, 1920s.
Below was an image taked prior to 1907:
And here is a reecent tourist from 2015:
Not quite the same view-points. There are 2 dams nearby, with a single track road across the nearest one off to Vicki's right by a few 100m (2015 or several100yards X 1.1!  1900s.) For the old car shot, I think one would have tro be on the south shore to get that bulge so prominent. For the pre 1907 we have to go further to pick up the background peaks. I asked about the rock in the lake and either it was removed/blown up or flooded by the dam.
Still not far enough to my left to separate the background peaks.


And now it is off to Moraine Lake before the lighting fails - but that will be another entry plus a scan or so.


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