Tuesday 20 October 2015

A few more days of migration

I left off yesterday just after we arrived at Lake Louise. So "today" would be Fri in Yoho, around several waterfalls, mountains and lakes like Emerald, and of course, Lake Louise. But only 1 image - which shall it be?

The train entered the nearly 1km long tunnel lower centre and exited 15m higher at the right. The train itself was probaly close to 4km long, 2 engines at the head and one at the end. This is Kicking Horse Pass.

Sat Oct 10 Banff - Canmore - Calgary - Brooks Rockies, The Gap, Prairies.
Thought I had to show the Rockies once in Autumn:

Sun Oct 11 Dinosaur Provincial Park, Dry Island Provincial Park, and Leduc! Long cattle drive for these old bones! But there was motivation.

These were the friendly bad lands.

Mon Oct 12 - Thanksgiving in Canada and in Alberta we were invited to Susanne and George's family.
However, there was some action that I would like to share. It occurred around noon:

Those in the "know" will enjoy a smile or so. Life gets complex after "50", doesn't it!

Tue Oct 13 - and 600km and 12 plus hours later with Marion and Al just outside Saskatoon:

I thought it was an interesting contrast and yet similar: prairie and sky, aurora and the Milky Way with the Pleiades near the centre.

Wed Oct 14. Al and marion showed us so much hospitality and local colour that it is very hard to pick out  a special event without a comment or three that I should have mentioned this or that. However, it was the teamwork of Marion and Al that lead Marion to spot the huge flock of Sandhill cranes. And we took many many photos. Again a pleasure to look at them again and again. Maybe you will like these:

We saw many beautiful parts of Saskatoon, the Southern Saskatchewan River, the synchrotron facility,"the brightest light in Canada", to the Berry Barn, and the night sky. It was hard for us to leave friends we have known for a decade but had only seen face to face now for the first time.

Thur Oct 15. Saskatoon to Leduc = 600km into the sunshine. We were "told" to stop off at Elk Island National Park - so we did. Several dozen wood buffalo (bison) and several 100 plains bison. Coming from near Muskoka, this seemed like home coming:

(We saw the same kind of chair in Yoho so someone is onto a good colourful picture frame.)

Fri Oct 16 is the actual anniversary date but some of us have to work! And so Doug washed the car and then showed me some good city light fixtures. At nearly the same time, Al in Saskatoon spotted and photographed similar lights. Way to go. Now if we could get Orillia to undertake something similar the world would indeed be round.

Sat Oct 17 The activities of the day centred around Telford House: setting up, decorating, rehearsing even. I don't think there was much time for a snooze. And then the PARTY, 50 years in the making and planning. But what to show without getting too personal or infringing on privacy?

There are several shots that may be released before Martians II but I thought this one is "mostly harmless" from "The Hitchhikers Guide ... " to life, the universe, and hopefully another some anniversaries.

And the "Right" hand certainly knows what the "Left" hand is doing - teamwork!

Sun Oct 18. You would think that everyone was tired out? We are no party poopers, that is for sure. So morning exercises were banding birds. After all Doug was banded more than 50 years ago and was fit and ready for to continue. Again, lots of photos and difficult to decide. Still no feed back from you my loyal (?) readers; but here goes:

So that is nearly the complete "diary" of our 3rd visit to the wild west. I think I will take a day or two off and maybe get back to all my "loyal" readers on the weekend.

Best wishes to all and to all a good night.


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