Tuesday 27 October 2015

Too much milk and honey; too much maple syrup?

So you thought you knew me, you anonymous reader! Well actually I have not changed my spots but just thought here was an interesting item from The New York Times
And if you right mouse click on it you will see the source code.
The North Sea countries are hard at work making plans for a barrier/dyke of 10+ meters to protect the low lands much of which right now is well below sea level. Several countries must co-operate or the surge will simply run around behind the barrier and flood the lands this way or that.

It is not the time to reduce research into the arctic. And the reductions being suggested are less than what one prominent Republican politican is spending on his election campaign - not sure if that is per day/week/month but certainly comparable.

So enjoy the dynamic link and recall that it is outside the lab where "ground truth" is found, not in the halls of government.


 PS  All except 2nd from bottom from/by me in June 2011

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