Monday 6 April 2020

Bill - doin' what he otter?

Not what I intended to do but Donald saw a pair of mink "frolicking" on the ice off Leacock, so I decided to go look for myself.

Suitably dressed:

I don't think I'd buy a used telescope from this guy . and what is with the Easter bonnet?

Difficult to see:

Looks fishy but large  compared to the animal.

Long way out

Then it disappeared and I moved off to the right. Then it reappeared  somewhat to the left of the previous location.

Looks like an otter, maybe?



  1. Dear Dad,
    I think you really might have seen an otter. The white around the face is diffuse, in the Northamerican mink the fur should be dark (not like our marten which has a very defined patch of white under the chin and on the belly).
    Kim /.

  2. looks like an otter to me. Well done. Hugs Norrie