Wednesday 8 April 2020

Mask Making and Quality level of Protection

I wear a mask

 Here are topics  How to Make a Fabric Face Mask
What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?

Read those 2 articles and then here is how Vicki put the masks together.
For clarity, one side of the mask has blue butterflies on a white background

and the other side is plain blue. To make the sewing easier, iron the material first. It is up to you to decide which side will be worn outward - I chose the blue side.

Sew along the edges except for the top  above the nose because here the filter will be inserted.(And also removed after duty.)

Fold the filter in half, quarter, then eighth:

After inserting the filter paper - we chose 2-cup coffee filters for size - you have to unfold it inside to
a half fold:

Now comes the neat part as far as I was concerned - threading the needle with ordinary string and  drawing the string through the fold. The left one is complete and the right one is next to be assembled:

Tying the
knot is done in a flash (Reef knot: left over right, then right over left)

The filter paper can be replaced as you see fit. The cloth can be hand washed in warm water and soap at the end of the day to dry over night ready for use the next day.

The mask is a visible indicator to others that you care. Respect others and their space.

Stay well my friends,


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