Thursday 16 April 2020

In a Monastery Garden

We are in a self-isolation as a result of the coronalvirus, Covid-19. So when it started to snow in April it really became depressing - too warm for skiing, lake was all water but too cold for safe paddling. I did first aid, I have used it twice, and I have no desire to put anyone at risk if I should tip and end up in the drink. It is something like 1 minute of survival per degree of water temperature above freezing.

So to fight the whiteouts I imagined some of Monte Don's gardens

And I would like you to turn on some music that I first heard when I was dating Vicki - she would play some of Albert W. Ketèlbey - In a Monastery Garden on the piano. By the way I learned how to play Chop sticks at this eventful time in my life.

So if you have clicked on the above link and start the music you may now click on the first photo and view the rest of this blog while listening to the music. Click on the adjacent image to advance at your own speed. You can repeat in the other direction as you wish.

I feel better - hope you do too.

Wise old Bird

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