Thursday 16 April 2020

Crème brûlée and Espresso

I'll have to work quickly or it will no longer be Gordon's annual start around the sun - this year almost a solo with just the inclusion of Susan, first Mate and navigator. I feel as an outsider that Gordon's claim to fame lies in the title. What perhaps is surprising is that he does not like coffee! However, what he makes is to die for and makes reincarnation an element to consider.

He is not perfect - he is a photographer and is still developing. He likes landscapes. So I thought I would present him with some impressions of a place he and Susan once called home.

Hope you enjoy.

Maybe you had a picnic in Leacock?

The large tree in front of Leacock's home was cut down in March.

There is still a view of the boat house if the squirrels don't get in the way:

And of course, if is not snowing

All the best; stay safe, stay well, avoid crowds, etc.

Wise old Bird

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