Sunday 12 April 2020

Happy Easter or frohe Ostern

I had a look at this yesterday - Easter in German is plural.  For a chocolate egg lover, this must have advantages?

Tips for Easter/Oster when everything goes "viral"

 Stay cool! Easy here in CA-land - we have snow drops!

However, I have yet to see a white Snowshoe Hare, White hair while snowshoeing, yes.

The lack of Easter bunnies means that eggs are scarce on the ground. So father Christmas, currently locked down and so unemployable went out to do some investigations. And as it is with very lucky people, I soon found the reason: delay in production! However, delivery to households should be nearly instantaneous.

The golden eggs, I presume, are on the Leacock lawn, near one of the geocaching sites. Maybe wait a few days so that the eggs can be hard.boiled for humans.

We are on a first name basis, Bill to bill as it were.

Be kind and considerate to all,

Wise old Bird

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