Tuesday 7 April 2020

The Masked Marvel

I have been wearing a mask that Vicki made for me several days ago,

 As I understand it, our friend, Janet, from Run-away-Bay, Jamaica, found a design at the Robert Koch Institut, Germany, and sent it to Vicki in Canada. (Get the picture? We are all connected. We are all one.)  I am wearing Mark I with the blue - for boys - on the outside. However, the reverse looks like this:

I'll measure mine another time but you can see that there is extra for the nose. What you cannot see is that the top nose section has not been sewed tight. Rather there is an opening through which one can insert a folded coffee filter - to be replaced when the mask is washed after every several hours of wear.

The filter is folded, left over right, for example, at least once, maybe  again before it can be inserted into the mask where it is unfolded to much the way it appears here..

The mask is to protect others by reducing the range of expulsion from meters to centimeters, when you sneeze or cough. (It's not the cough that carries you off , it is ... )

The visibility of the mask makes others aware of how seriously you treat this matter and make it easy to achieve the social distance of 2m. And thus you, too, achieve some degree of protection.

Now go wash your hands

So that is a health warning

Take care, respect each other, stay safe and well,


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