Thursday 25 June 2015

A so-so day

Al saw a fantastic display of aurora during the night. I saw cloud. Al stayed up to watch the sunrise and I slept in until 9am! Holidays or retired or lazy?

That is over - now it is lunch time!

Someday I will do an entry on "Seen from the Kayak" - for Doug who missed going out back in May. Maybe I'll get around to it when Bill arrives end of July.

Yesterday was very pleasant, relaxing, rocking gently on the waves. Had a pleasant chat with one of the home-owners on the Narrows side of Couchiching Point. He knows many of our neighbours here in the condo. I must be on my best behavior ALL time - glad that that is easy even if it isn't so much fun(?).

One Osprey. It wanted so much to dive and catch a bass in the spawning grounds.

I watched the kingfisher dive but did not shoot until it was in a distant tree:

The rest of the time was spent "wool-gathering" a lovely phrase:

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