Friday 19 June 2015

Uhthoff Trail - The quarry south toward Orillia

I have been busy. When I am busy I usually do not make entries. However, I am months behind and nobody wants to see snow just yet, not even Kim. So I am putting out some from today. The canoe trip and the Pierre Berton joke will have to wait as well as a beautiful dragonfly - well no here it is:
That was from Monday.

Today. Sunny breezy, 27C, No BUGS, Volker! (Vicki wore her bug jacket - just in case!
The setting: the trail:
We were alone except for 2 bicyclists and 1 motor bike for maybe 2 hours.
There be dragons:

And damsels.
Its Springtime:


More damsels and bees:

Beautiful walk with Vicki - W O B

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