Tuesday 16 June 2015

Troy - from Thursday May 10, 2015 AD!

Troy is complicated:
There are 3000 years of a living settlement/town - and 200 years or so of archeology!
Even simplifying the plan a little:

- there is  a lot of Troy. On the above map, we entered the site around the number 12 and I took the following photos:

At the foot of these stairs - and a few paces - I looked left:

A panorama view from above left, looking right shows the Mycenaean citadel above this wall and the curious wall offsets:
For scale:

I would give these engineers fill credit, altthough I do not understand the whys.

I took over 200 photos here - eh, wake up, I'm not finished! Oh, well. 2 more themes - just?

Schliemann's Graben or ditch or where things went bang:

The Dardanelles in the background.
Now, "why Troy"?
A harbour alone would not perhaps have been sufficient but the wind and current in the Dardanelles:

- even today:

I knew a little about Troy before; I know a little more now. 2 hours can still be overwhelming - as can also 2 weeks. Troy was our last site before our return, tired but well satisfied with how smoothly everything had gone.

On the agenda next is a comparison of 2 contemporary sites: Knossos on Crete, and Akrotiri on Santorini. (Not today!)

PS  I forgot Helen!

Sorry - good Canadian word.

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