Saturday 27 June 2015

From our balcony

I did not intend to write again until I had Knossos ready.

However, after lunch, this beeg bird flew around and landed in our "double tree", an oak; I have shown the tree before in a blog. (It actually is in the background to this blog on the right hand side, and for the record, the "willow", is on the left side of the blog background, the scene straight out from our balcony.)  I was fairly sure the bird was an osprey and I wanted to show off to Doug so I went and fetched my Pentax - I do not have a bird dog so I had to do this myself - and I waited.

Now around here if you look like a dead former/ex-runner you will attract attention!

                                                                   TV Ontario! (Turkey vulture)
I was in manual with shutter speed and F/ratio set to expose osprey nearly correctly in the presence of a very bright cloudy/overcast sky - which appears thus white.

So back to osprey:

There are lots of fish - still!
And lots of breeding osprey.



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