Tuesday 23 June 2015

the "nature" of the Coldwater studio tour

So as promised and/or threatened here was the fun part of Sunday's tour.

I begin with a snail which I have not quite arbitrarily called left-handed. It makes sense to me
but you may want to check a biology text of you are getting serious. The point is:

"I photographed a left-handed spiral snail: left thumb to the shell top, left fingers curling in the direction of growth, toward the snail shell opening. This is my definition and so might be wrong for a biologist. However, I so know that there are RH and LH spirals in the same species of snail. So do not kill them/eat them but do observe."

 Get the picture? Amino acids in "life" are all left-handed (sugars, "dextrous" are right-handed). One of the experiments on Philae - designed nearly 2 decades ago was to look for left/right signatures in organics on or near the surface of comet 67P. I do hope that it is possible to conduct this experiment now that Philae is back "up".

I also tried my best to photograph examples of Fibonacci sequence  as explained to me by Nicole
in her talk in Killarney Prov Park in 2013(?). It was mathematics in nature - AMAZING. Am ready to hear that talk again: too much to take in at 1 time.
Let us see if "it" can be seen:
There are 2 kinds of spirals, right-handed and left handed and the numbers of each differ by a Fibonacci number.  Mark some spot and then begin counting inward. for me with my right thumb toward meand my fingers cutling toward the centre - that spiral is much more distinct than the so-called (by me - it rs great to be the author, sometimes) left-hand spiral. So choose other flowers and keep looking. Eventually these spirals will pop out at you. Patience. Next look at other flowers of the same type and see whether they are the same - usually but certainly among a dozen there will usually 2 different sequences if not more. Nature is marvelous idf we would only stop to see.

Many thanks, Nicole fo opening up my eyes.


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