Tuesday 23 June 2015

More Coldwater nature

back again.



(I think?)


A fly or a bee or an ant - look carefully:
Horse and hammock:
Let's call it for awhile. I am going to be quite busy in July, August and October and will be using the free time to catch up on new astronomical submissions  - I have been doing this daily 5 days a week (Sunday night after 21:00  to ditto on Thursday) since 1990s to keep up to date. I am currently tracking literature in the solar system and that very closely connected to it - everything is connected but everything takes TIME. I nolonger wear a watch so that has given me much more time! I will try to put up memories of the cruise this Spring. And I will answer emails, although there may be delays/light travel time effects caused by tents, telescopes, canoes, etc.


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