Thursday 4 June 2015

Kayak Outing to Brewery Bay - birds of a feather Part I

I was motivated/inspired/forced to get out this morning by the best intentions of Patti and Doug. And so I took the kayak out for the first time this year.
It is of course a matter of attitude, isn't it:
And so it was natural to photograph this in Brewery Bay this morning. I shall get back to the Med when I have time, maybe in November!

Anyway the star this morning was a pair of Eastern Kingbirds which did not mind me or the kayak drifting
underneath them:

The other bird that landed nearly on top of me started out with a bath:

I was looking at Dogwood blossoms:

Other highlights this morning were 10 ducklings, 10 goslings, and 50 Canada geese in a"V" flying north. Maybe they will appear here at a later time. wob

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