Tuesday 9 June 2015

Archeology near Midland

Today Vicki and I were invited to participate/share in a "dig" not far from here. Bob cleared our visit with Dr Alicia Hawkins  who lead about 20 students in a 6 week practical. Here is where they camp out during the week:

Some RESULTS may appear here

We arrived with our guide, Bob, just after 10am, in time to join the group over snacks:
We were then lead off to W O R K!

Red red knee pads I wore playing volleyball in Odendorf many long years ago - but not as far back as this site, dated about 1500. Some parts were after contact with the French. Samuel de Champlain was certainly in the vicinity, if not actually a visitor to this Wendat  settlement.

Our plot was 1 X 1 meter square, We removed a layer defined to be 5cm depth during the day. The buckets
were filled and then taken over to be sieved:

Lunch Time!
Back on the set:

Then it was time to meet some distinguished visitors from the Wendat community from Quebec. On my way back to the camp I noted other evidence of human settlement - iris in a field:

The talk and the discussions were very interesting:

Vicki and I wish to thank Alicia and Bob for making this experience possible.


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