Sunday 7 June 2015

Black saddlebags full of dragonflies?

I was amazed by the number of nearly identical dragonflies flitting about me at Carden yesterday. I tried counting them and maybe 15-20 indivudals within 10m of me for minutes at a time followed by intervals with just 1 or 2 flying patrol. Around 2-3 pm they vanished for about an hour before returning as before. The car thermometer read 22C.
On 1 photo I think I see a black saddlebag. There were no callico or halloween pennants apparently.
Here are a few images beginning with the clearest, sadly not good, observation of a blackbag:
The sharpest image is this one:
A word about the shots. I worked from fixed focus most of the time at 3-4m. Sometimes I was able to focus real time on one but pressing the shutter was usually too late. Otherwise, it is the old story: of you want to marry a prince you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

 Note that dragonflies have 4 wings which are controlled independently.
Fascinating creatures - wob

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